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These days, our phones mean everything. They are typically the first things we look at when we wake and the final thing we check prior to bed. They go everywhere with us. Despite the ubiquitousness of these tiny pocket PCs, we sometimes neglect to make the number of calls necessary to achieve our organizational fundraising goals.  So ask yourself: How many calls are we, as fundraisers, making each and every day to current and prospective donors?

In this episode of the Gift Planning Development podcast, Joe rings up friend and fundraising consultant Anthony Alonso for a discussion of how the phone just might be the most powerful tool in your toolkit. Alonso is the President of Catapult Fundraising, which offers highly personalized telephone outreach programs designed to upgrade donors, bring lapsed donors back on board, and acquire new ones. Their programs are designed for annual fund, campaign wrap-up, and planned giving calling.

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The Gift Planning Development Podcast
The Gift Planning Development Podcast
Anthony Alonso: The Phone Is The Most Powerful Tool You Own