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While planned giving is all about people and relationships, there is also a numbers component to this work. In a study done by Decima Research, roughly 34 percent of those surveyed said they would consider including their favorite charity in their estate plans. So for every ten donors, three to four said they would be open to that conversation. Wow, what incredible news! Sadly, only 17 percent of those donors said that their favorite charity ever asked. I promise you that most of your donors are not being asked (personally) by other charities to consider a planned gift.

Action Steps:

  • Look at your loyal donors, those who have been giving for years (regardless of the dollar amount). Keep in mind that, on average, 30-40 percent of those donors should be open to a planned giving conversation.
  • Pick up the phone. Thank them, ask them why they have been so loyal and ask them if they would be open to a conversation about other ways to have an impact beyond writing a check (with a noncash gift).
  • Set a goal for how many of these calls you will make each week.