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The Easiest Way To A Sustainable Gift Planning Program

When you’re ready to launch or revitalize your planned giving program, your easiest route
to success is through the Planned Giving Essentials program.

Our proprietary solution is ideal for nonprofits that have a passive planned giving program—or no program at all.

Gift Planning Essentials is a proven methodology to:

  • Engage and involve your board in planned giving
  • Identify and qualify your best planned giving prospects
  • Learn how to have planned giving conversations with anyone
  • Create an effective communications and marketing plan to reach planned
    giving prospects and motivate them to take action
  • Add the core infrastructure required to handle non cash gifts
  • Develop a stewardship program to maintain and enhance your relationships
    with planned and major gift donors
  • Craft a plan for sustainable program growth

90% of your donor’s wealth is in their assets, not their checkbooks. Gift Planning Essentials
gives you a way to offer your donors a wide variety of giving options so you can maximize
your true fundraising potential.

The Essentials program is customizable with carefully developed templates to make
creating your program as easy as possible, and adapted to your mission and organization.

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Other Services


Existing PG programs require fresh thinking and an overhaul of approach to realize exponential growth. This is a program for established shops who are doing well but are committed to growing their program even further.

The program includes a full review of every aspect of your individual giving program as well as a one-day onsite visit to interview key staff and stakeholders. The deliverable is an assessment report with observations and recommendations to move your program forward.


To succeed in today’s competitive fundraising environment, all fundraisers must be confident and intentional about offering gift planning solutions to your donors.

Most managers are too busy to train and coach their teams, and a lot of fundraisers are left to figure it out on their own as best they can.

The result is most gift officers wait for the donor to mention planned giving. The impact is your organization misses out on so many larger gifts.

Equip your gift officers to be confident and intentional about integrating planned giving into all their donor conversations with training customized to your fundraising culture, the skillsets of your fundraising team, and your budget.

All training programs begin with an assessment of the skillsets and experience level of your current team members to establish a baseline. Through a combination of group teaching, role-playing and individual coaching, we’ll work with your team to develop the confidence and the tools to have a planned giving conversation with anyone.


Tired of sitting through presentations that are way over (or under!) your audience’s experience level? Our team has years of experience delivering interactive, and practical presentations and workshops that speak to your audience, wherever they may be on their fundraising and gift planning journey.

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