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The largest wealth transfer is taking place now.
Planned Giving is a huge opportunity for your organizational growth.
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Planned Giving Essentials

Start or accelerate a sustainable planned giving program

Major Giving Essentials

Secure larger individual gifts in a strategic way

Planned Giving Program Management

You don’t need a Director of Planned Gifts to pursue non-cash gifts

Infrastructure, Process and Intention

It’s a Journey…and we can take you from POINT A to SUCCESS!

To start or accelerate your major and planned giving programs you need the support of your board, the proper policies and procedures, and a fundraising team that is confident and intentional about talking about transformational gifts in all their donor interactions.  We can help you get there in as little as 6 to 9 months.

Planned Giving Essentials

PLANNED GIVING ESSENTIALS is a proven system to help you start or accelerate your planned giving program without adding more stress to your already busy staff or straining your limited resources. This program provides you with all the strategy and skillsets you need to build a sustainable planned giving program.

Major Giving Essentials

Research shows that many donors are open to increasing their donations but are never asked. They need to be asked in a thoughtful and strategic way. This requires a process for qualifying your donors on a consistent basis. Which donors are open to doing more? How much more? How do you motivate them to increase their giving? We have a system to help you do that

Planned Giving Program Management

If you need a director of planned giving but don’t have the budget to hire someone full time, you can outsource the management of your planned giving program to us. Minimal ramp up time, higher accountability and measurable results.

These organizations are no longer missing out

Working with Major & Planned Giving Development is a pleasure. They keep things simple and strategic.

Christine Jefferson

Friends Select School

Joe’s methods are simple but smart. His team offers a clear, practical, and effective strategy for frontline fundraisers to turn donor outreach into tangible results.

Tom Yates

Temple University

The user-friendly, step-by-step approach of the Essentials program allowed us to implement a strong Phase I gift planning program in less than a year.

Jim Shenk

Wellspan Philhaven

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